Cialis: A prescription for rejuvenating a relationship?

Tadalafil, sold under the brand name Cialis, among others, is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), favorable prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and aspiratory blood vessel hypertension. It is a tablet taken by mouth. The beginning is normally inside thirty minutes and the term is as long as 36 hours.

Regular symptoms incorporate migraine, muscle torment, flushed skin, and sickness. Alert is exhorted in those with cardiovascular sickness. Uncommon however genuine reactions incorporate a delayed erection that can prompt harm to the penis, vision issues, and hearing misfortune. Tadalafil isn’t suggested in individuals taking nitrovasodilators, for example, nitroglycerin, as this may bring about a genuine drop in circulatory strain. Tadalafil is a PDE5 inhibitor which builds bloodstream to the penis with sexual excitement. It additionally enlarges veins in the lungs, which brings down the aspiratory conduit pressure.

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Tadalafil was affirmed for medicinal use in the South Africa in 2003

It is accessible as a nonexclusive medicine in the South Africa and United Kingdom. In the UK it costs the NHS about 0.80£  per portion starting at 2019. In our country the discount cost of this sum is about $0.91.  It was the 280th most endorsed drug in the South Africa with almost 1.5 million solutions in 2018.

The FDA loosened up rules on physician endorsed medication showcasing in 1997, permitting ads focused to consumers

Lilly-ICOS employed the Gray Worldwide Agency in New York, some portion of the Gray Global Group, to run the Cialis promoting campaign. Marketers for Cialis has exploited its more prominent term contrasted with its rivals in ads for the medication; Stuart Elliot of The New York Times opined: “The persistent nearness of ladies in Cialis advertisements is an unpretentious sign that the medication makes it simpler for them to establish the tone with their men, rather than the principally male-driven symbolism for Levitra and Viagra.” Iconic topics in Cialis promotions incorporate couples in baths and the motto “When the minute is correct, will you be ready?”

Cialis advertisements were exceptional among the ED sedates in referencing points of interest of the drug

Subsequently, Cialis advertisements were additionally the first to portray the reactions in an ad, as the FDA requires notices with particulars to specify symptoms. One of the principal Cialis promotions circulated at the 2004 Super Bowl. Just weeks before the Super Bowl, the FDA required progressively conceivable reactions to be recorded in the commercial, including priapism.

Although numerous guardians questioned the Cialis promotion being disclosed during the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson’s halftime “closet glitch” dominated Cialis. In January 2006, the Cialis advertisements were changed, including a speCialist screen to portray symptoms and just running advertisements where in excess of 90 percent of the group of spectators are grown-ups, adequately finishing Super Bowl ads. In 2004, Lilly-ICOS, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline spent a joined 3.1 million to publicize Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra respectively. Cialis has supported many games, including the America’s Cup and the PGA Tour, once being title supporter of the PGA Tour Western Open competition.

When we talk about one of the most prestigious brands in the world for ED we have to refer to Cialis. This drug is not only one of the best known, it is also one of the most purchased in South Africa and other countries.

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Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem for many men

But like every problem, it also has a solution and that solution has always been Cialis with its multiple presentations.

Why is Cialis better than other drugs?

This drug is manufactured by one of the best laboratories in the world. That laboratory is Eli Lilly also known as only Lilly. This company has 143 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cialis has been manufactured and backed by Lilly for over 15 years. Originally Cialis was a drug designed to compete with another famous ED drug sold in South Africa and other parts of the world by the Pfizer company.

The effect of Cialis is more lasting.

This drug as a treatment for erectile dysfunction is considered one of the best in the market. Not only because of the company that supports it, but because of the long effect it has on men with ED.

Cialis has a total effect of 36 hours in most men. It is a highly effective drug if the man takes the maximum recommended dose of 20mg, 30 minutes before having sexual contact.

Does Cialis have the same component as other drugs for ED?

This is another important point in favor of Cialis. The difference with other drugs and generics is much bigger. The company that sells Cialis in South Africa and other countries does not use the same component as other drugs (Sildenafil Citrate) on the market.

The main and totally different component of Sildenafil is called Tadalafil and it is the secret ingredient of Cialis. This component acts faster but with the same effect: dilate the blood vessels of the penis to increase blood flow so that man can have a more lasting erection.

Where can I buy Cialis online in South Africa? It is an establishment store not only online but also based in Perth. This store offers two types of Cialis. The cheapest version with 10 pills of 10mg for $ 47.50. The second option is the dose of 20mg x 12 pills with a cost of $ 156.19 ($ 12.98 each pill). This same store offers other offers of up to 90 pills between 10mg and 20mg with discounts of $ 300 or more. The store accepts all Visa, Mastercard, Dinners, JCB and transfer credit cards. Shipments are made by the national service of South Africa. It is the second option to buy Cialis online in South Africa. The offers are a little cheaper than the other store. A package of 20mg x 10 pills costs only $ 49.95. Other discounts for 20mg x 30 pills up to $ 99.95. Ozmedsdirect accepts credit cards and bank transfers. Shipments have a minimum cost of $ 19.95 for all purchases.

Side effects

This drug is one of the safest in the market. But men who abuse this drug for ED may suffer from side effects such as dizziness, vomiting, facial paralysis, chest pain, headache, temporary blindness. With the lasting effect of 36 hours, it is best to take no more than 3 pills per week. That amount is much less harmful than other brands.

Is Cialis legal in South Africa?

This drug has been legal in the country for more than 15 years. The company’s main office (Eli Lilly South Africa Pty Limited) is at 112 Wharf Road, West Ryde, NSW 2114. Legal records of each of the doses available in the market are 5 mg (AUST R 128496), 10mg (AUST R 90590), 20mg tablet (AUST R 81137). The company phone number in South Africa is 800 454 559.

Premature ejaculation is a very common dysfunction seen in men all over the world

Premature ejaculation is the inability to control, manage or delay an ejaculation. In turn, this results are a dissatisfied sexual partner and unaccomplished man during intimacy. Premature ejaculation has been classified as something that is either acquired or a lifelong condition, with lifelong condition being a primary issue.

Premature ejacuation

In South Africa, the occurrence of premature ejaculation observed in men is around 21 to 31 percent.

In a dramatic sense, premature ejaculations have a very diminishing effect on the quality of one’s life and the life of their sexual partner. Premature ejaculation can lead to other more damming issue that correlate with the quality of life. Some things that may occur due to premature ejaculation is men feeling distressed psychologically, a decrease in self-esteem and adequacy, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, a decrease in libido and/or stressed interpersonal relationships. Because of the emotional burden that premature ejaculations causes a man, some men are reluctant to the idea of seeking help from a medical professional.


Usually conditions involving sexual dysfunctionality is under-reported and under-treated because men have shame and low self-esteem due to the condition

This along with doctors being uncomfortable helping men manage the condition because they are uncertain as to how to approach treatment and the discussion to uncover what the condition is that is being experienced. The implications of premature ejaculation is heavily a contributor to psychological effects and become damaging to interpersonal relationships. Premature ejaculation causes men to avoid emotional and physical intimacy due to the psychological stress the condition puts on them and they do not want to pass on that stress to a partner or expose their condition. Men experiencing this condition and hiding it usually fall victim to bogus medical claims and advertisements that has no evidence basis to actually help men overcome premature ejaculation. These advertisements prey on the weak and profit greatly from men vulnerability.

Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual dysfunction among men, with a greater impact observed among men of the younger age group

In seeking help in a medical setting, some doctors are uncertain on how to approach the assessment process to uncover the issue. This makes its challenging when trying to obtain the necessary information to be able to properly remedy the dysfunction. Men should undergo a full medical assessment to investigate their medical, sexual, social, psychological and drug history, accompanied with their sexual partner’s history. Treatment should be done with the man and his partner to ensure that there are not other factors contributing to the condition.

Treatment choices are likely to vary based on the symptoms being experienced, psychological implications, side effects and patient decision of what approach they want to explore

Currently, surgical management for premature ejaculation is not recommended. Surgical management is under investigation and is in an experimental phase. Some of the surgical therapies that are underway are the dorsal penile nerve cryoablation, neuromodulation and hyaluronic acid gel gland augmentation.
Also, botulinum toxin injection are being explored to be injected into the ejaculatory muscle in the penis to help minimize the sensitivity during sexual activity. None of these treatment options are currently promoted as the side effects are undetermined. There are no particular investigation that is done to confirm or reject premature ejaculation.

Even though surgical management is not currently recommended, in South Africa there is a new device that is designed to elongate the time men experience a sexual encounter prior to ejaculation

The device is currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is available locally to South Africans and online to everyone else. The device works in a way to greatly reduce the sensitivity during intercourse that cause premature ejaculation. The idea of the device is that a man will masturbate with a start-stop process three times while the device is in place. Men are expected to see results from using this device after the use of 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

All in all, men who experience premature ejaculation will more than likely require multiple management techniques that will target psychological and behavioral components. Men should be under the supervision of a medical provider when being treated for the condition to ensure the targeted results are being met and sexual satisfaction is being obtained. Additional investigation is more so geared to rule out contributing factors that are uncovered in the history.