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Both humans and animals struggle with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) since time immemorial. They are as ancient as mankind. Epidemics of this nature are even mentioned quite often in the Old Testament.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah anybody?

In the olden days, when superstition was very much part of our everyday life, it was believed that these diseases/infections were inflicted upon the individual by mysterious moral forces that came to punish for a wrong conduct, belief system or morality.

STI’s/STD’s are bacterial/viral infections which are most commonly spread through sexual activity. Most commonly, they spread through oral sex, because of close contact between the oral and genital areas. And also through anal sex, because of the absence of naturally released lubrifying fluids. Which obviously results in greater friction during the act itself and therefore in an increased exchange of blood and hummers. What’s truly sneaky about these conditions is how they often give no symptoms at all during the first weeks or months implying an even greater risk to transmit the disease/infection to others..

There are over 30 among bacteria, parasites and viruses which can be transmitted through sexual engagement, and they all generate a wide spectrum of conditions. The most well known are:

-HIV/AIDS Human Immunodeficiency Virus
-Genital Herpes
-Genital Warts

The most alarming signs to look for if one thinks about having a STD/I include vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, penile discharge and the presence of ulcers on or in proximity of the genitals.

STD/I’s can severely impair the ability to get pregnant in women, and even if pregnancy occurs it affects the infant in devastatingly undesirable ways. Then of course we have AIDS, or HIV, which is viral and entirely hijacks the immune system of the infected person rendering it vulnerable to the slightest cold or infection.

STD’s and STI’s are on the rise in Australia and some other developed nations which is incredibly alarming. According to article from ABC News Health. SOURCE: https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2017-08-16/why-are-stis-on-the-rise-in-australia/8774378

Findings are remarkable. The Internet, improved travel technology and the habit to rarely use condoms are the main influencing factors in this steady rise. Think of the thousands of online dating platform that clutter the World Wide Web. Also travelling makes diseases spread over larger distances in smaller fragments of time and what seemed to be a long forgotten and embarrassing issue is becoming again a pressing modern issue.
Again quoting the article:

In the past decade, online dating has had probably the biggest single impact on our sexual lives. Websites and apps designed to facilitate sex and romance are everywhere.
Love them or hate them, online services offer unique features which have interesting implications for the spread of STIs. For example, they can make it easier to have sex with more people.

A recent British study found 35 per cent of sexually active men and 21 per cent of sexually active women reported five or more sexual partners in a year.
Men who found partners online were six times more likely to have five or more sexual partners than those who didn’t, and women who dated online were seven times more likely.

This difference is important because the number of sexual partners you have is strongly correlated with your likelihood of getting an STI. More people online means more partners per person, which might mean more STIs.

It’s very difficult to admit, especially for the most libertines of us, but the best thing you can do to make sure you never incur in these gruesome infections is to having a monogamous relationship with one partner and avoiding group sex and other practices as much as possible.