Premature ejaculation is a very common dysfunction seen in men all over the world

Premature ejaculation is the inability to control, manage or delay an ejaculation. In turn, this results are a dissatisfied sexual partner and unaccomplished man during intimacy. Premature ejaculation has been classified as something that is either acquired or a lifelong condition, with lifelong condition being a primary issue.

Premature ejacuation

In South Africa, the occurrence of premature ejaculation observed in men is around 21 to 31 percent.

In a dramatic sense, premature ejaculations have a very diminishing effect on the quality of one’s life and the life of their sexual partner. Premature ejaculation can lead to other more damming issue that correlate with the quality of life. Some things that may occur due to premature ejaculation is men feeling distressed psychologically, a decrease in self-esteem and adequacy, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, a decrease in libido and/or stressed interpersonal relationships. Because of the emotional burden that premature ejaculations causes a man, some men are reluctant to the idea of seeking help from a medical professional.


Usually conditions involving sexual dysfunctionality is under-reported and under-treated because men have shame and low self-esteem due to the condition

This along with doctors being uncomfortable helping men manage the condition because they are uncertain as to how to approach treatment and the discussion to uncover what the condition is that is being experienced. The implications of premature ejaculation is heavily a contributor to psychological effects and become damaging to interpersonal relationships. Premature ejaculation causes men to avoid emotional and physical intimacy due to the psychological stress the condition puts on them and they do not want to pass on that stress to a partner or expose their condition. Men experiencing this condition and hiding it usually fall victim to bogus medical claims and advertisements that has no evidence basis to actually help men overcome premature ejaculation. These advertisements prey on the weak and profit greatly from men vulnerability.

Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual dysfunction among men, with a greater impact observed among men of the younger age group

In seeking help in a medical setting, some doctors are uncertain on how to approach the assessment process to uncover the issue. This makes its challenging when trying to obtain the necessary information to be able to properly remedy the dysfunction. Men should undergo a full medical assessment to investigate their medical, sexual, social, psychological and drug history, accompanied with their sexual partner’s history. Treatment should be done with the man and his partner to ensure that there are not other factors contributing to the condition.

Treatment choices are likely to vary based on the symptoms being experienced, psychological implications, side effects and patient decision of what approach they want to explore

Currently, surgical management for premature ejaculation is not recommended. Surgical management is under investigation and is in an experimental phase. Some of the surgical therapies that are underway are the dorsal penile nerve cryoablation, neuromodulation and hyaluronic acid gel gland augmentation.
Also, botulinum toxin injection are being explored to be injected into the ejaculatory muscle in the penis to help minimize the sensitivity during sexual activity. None of these treatment options are currently promoted as the side effects are undetermined. There are no particular investigation that is done to confirm or reject premature ejaculation.

Even though surgical management is not currently recommended, in South Africa there is a new device that is designed to elongate the time men experience a sexual encounter prior to ejaculation

The device is currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is available locally to South Africans and online to everyone else. The device works in a way to greatly reduce the sensitivity during intercourse that cause premature ejaculation. The idea of the device is that a man will masturbate with a start-stop process three times while the device is in place. Men are expected to see results from using this device after the use of 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

All in all, men who experience premature ejaculation will more than likely require multiple management techniques that will target psychological and behavioral components. Men should be under the supervision of a medical provider when being treated for the condition to ensure the targeted results are being met and sexual satisfaction is being obtained. Additional investigation is more so geared to rule out contributing factors that are uncovered in the history.

The true full guide of using Kamagra Oral jelly. Best practices and reasonable amounts

Kamagra jelly ? what is Kamagra jelly alot of people are curious as to what it is

I am here today to explain a few things about this product along with the pros and cos and possible side effects of this Kamagra jelly.

Kamagra jelly is used to treat erectile dysfunction or in other words the short name would be ED. This product contains sildenafil citrate which is also used in the more common brand Viagra and sildenafil.
Where Buy Kamagra Jelly Angola

Kamagra in tablets and jellies

Kamagra comes in a tablet form that can be taken orally or this product can be taken by oral jelly. This is a very great alternative product since it is much cheaper than the standard brand Viagra and can be bought at a much more reasonable price. Kamagra is taken like Viagra its meant for people who cant get or keep erections during sexual intercourse. This jelly is meant to increase the blood flow in the penis and makes it much easier to keep and hold an erection. A few things to note about Kamagra jelly is that it contains the same effective ingredient as Viagra which is sildenafil in theory it should work just as great as Viagra does.

Is it worth the risk one might as ?

I would say to consult with your doctor before taking anything in a pill or jelly form and to get a second opinion from your local doctor before taking this. One thing that i would recommend that you do not take this jelly if you have heart failure, if you have had a heart attack before, if your not 18 years of age, or if you have ever had degenerative diseases in the retina.


You can take this Kamagra jelly in 25mg 50mg or 100mg pills. I would talk with a doctor to see which mg would be the best for you to take for your erectile disfunction or ED. If you have any of the following symptoms i would seek immediate attention from the hospital or doctors office if you have dizziness, visual impairment, flushed out face, or indigestion.


Do not use this drug with other drugs that contain the ED because there have not been enough studies yet to determine if this is safe or not. Some known side effects have been reported from taking the Kamagra jelly such as headache, flushing, nose bleeding, indigestion, sleeplessness, diarrhea , dizziness , or bloody and cloudy urine, you may want to talk to a health provider if you have any of these symptoms.

Kamagra jelly benefits

Some of the pros of taking Kamagra jelly are that the jelly form comes in some nice flavors such as mint, banana, pineapple, orange, black currant, vanilla, and strawberry which is a nice change from the standard Viagra brand which does not have a taste, also those who do not do well with swallowing pills would love this product and it would be a much better option considering the flavors that this comes in. Another benefit of the Kamagra jelly is that it has a much faster absorption rate compared to tablet versions.

Another pro is that people who have taken this product say that they experience the effects kicking in within 14 minutes after taking the product.


Some of the cons about this product is that the jelly taste so good so some people will take more than the recommended amount of the jelly because they love the taste of the jelly and they forget how much they are taking.
Another con is that some people have been sick from taking the product but it is rare and most people do fine with taking this product compared to other drugs that are on the market that treat erectile dysfuncion.

Another side note is that you should not take this product if you have a history of liver disease because this may not be a good drug to take with having any type of liver issues.
You can buy Kamagra jelly in South Africa from this website They will offer wide range of Kamagra jelly for you to choose from and they have some pretty great prices. You do not need a doctors approval to buy this jelly from this website so if you live in South Africa this might be a good option for you if your in the market to buy Kamagra jelly. With that being said i would suggest you try it out for yourself and to try to get a free sample to see if this product is right for you or not.


Both humans and animals struggle with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) since time immemorial. They are as ancient as mankind. Epidemics of this nature are even mentioned quite often in the Old Testament.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah anybody?

In the olden days, when superstition was very much part of our everyday life, it was believed that these diseases/infections were inflicted upon the individual by mysterious moral forces that came to punish for a wrong conduct, belief system or morality.

STI’s/STD’s are bacterial/viral infections which are most commonly spread through sexual activity. Most commonly, they spread through oral sex, because of close contact between the oral and genital areas. And also through anal sex, because of the absence of naturally released lubrifying fluids. Which obviously results in greater friction during the act itself and therefore in an increased exchange of blood and hummers. What’s truly sneaky about these conditions is how they often give no symptoms at all during the first weeks or months implying an even greater risk to transmit the disease/infection to others..

There are over 30 among bacteria, parasites and viruses which can be transmitted through sexual engagement, and they all generate a wide spectrum of conditions. The most well known are:

-HIV/AIDS Human Immunodeficiency Virus
-Genital Herpes
-Genital Warts

The most alarming signs to look for if one thinks about having a STD/I include vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, penile discharge and the presence of ulcers on or in proximity of the genitals.

STD/I’s can severely impair the ability to get pregnant in women, and even if pregnancy occurs it affects the infant in devastatingly undesirable ways. Then of course we have AIDS, or HIV, which is viral and entirely hijacks the immune system of the infected person rendering it vulnerable to the slightest cold or infection.

STD’s and STI’s are on the rise in Australia and some other developed nations which is incredibly alarming. According to article from ABC News Health. SOURCE:

Findings are remarkable. The Internet, improved travel technology and the habit to rarely use condoms are the main influencing factors in this steady rise. Think of the thousands of online dating platform that clutter the World Wide Web. Also travelling makes diseases spread over larger distances in smaller fragments of time and what seemed to be a long forgotten and embarrassing issue is becoming again a pressing modern issue.
Again quoting the article:

In the past decade, online dating has had probably the biggest single impact on our sexual lives. Websites and apps designed to facilitate sex and romance are everywhere.
Love them or hate them, online services offer unique features which have interesting implications for the spread of STIs. For example, they can make it easier to have sex with more people.

A recent British study found 35 per cent of sexually active men and 21 per cent of sexually active women reported five or more sexual partners in a year.
Men who found partners online were six times more likely to have five or more sexual partners than those who didn’t, and women who dated online were seven times more likely.

This difference is important because the number of sexual partners you have is strongly correlated with your likelihood of getting an STI. More people online means more partners per person, which might mean more STIs.

It’s very difficult to admit, especially for the most libertines of us, but the best thing you can do to make sure you never incur in these gruesome infections is to having a monogamous relationship with one partner and avoiding group sex and other practices as much as possible.

The reason why your bed will never be empty again: Cialis!

Being able to have the guarantee of not failing at the time of sexual intercourse or at least having a little help has always been something that the human being wanted, especially that of the male gender. In the late 1980s, more precisely in 1988, Viagra was created the best known and most popular drug used in treatments of erectile dysfunction (or sexual impotence) With them appeared their similar and one of them is Cialis, whose active ingredient is Tadalafil. All of them function in a similar way, i.e., they are PDE5 inhibitors, making it possible to improve the dilation of the penile blood vessels, thus facilitating erection.

Viagra vs Cialis

Both Viagra and Cialis have been indicated by doctors for patients who claim to have lost the active sexual life they had with their partners, a problem that occurs in men, especially after the age of 50, where by several factors they begin to have problems getting erection.

The differences between these two medications are that Cialis works in 30 minutes and lasts up to 36 hours, whereas Vaigra lasts only 4 hours, i.e. Ciallis can be considered a stronger remedy, in addition is available in doses of 10 mg and 20 mg, while its competitor is found in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. However, each of them is indicated for different types of men according to their physical condition and severity of the problem, and only the doctor will know which would be best for each case.

Cialis side effects

As any medicine the Cialis can bring side effects to the patient, among them the headache, the main problem, reported by more than 10% of users. In addition, low back pain, dizziness, dyspepsia, facial flushing, myalgia and nasal congestion have also been reported, and in some cases conjunctival hyperemia, sensations described as pain in the eye, swelling of the eyelids, dyspnea, abdominal pain and gastroesophageal reflux, and for sedentary users with a bad physical condition, may also notice muscle problems.


The drug is also not indicated for men with allergies or hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or any of the excipients of Cialis, who have changes in blood pressure or who have already suffered a stroke, heart attack or any type of coronary or ocular disease such as non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy. It may also not be used by patients who take nitrate or nitric oxide donors to treat other diseases. And obviously the product cannot be sold to people under 18 years of age.

How to buy Cialis in South Africa legally?

Cialis is legally sold in South Africa in physical stores or online, with fast delivery and good prices if the patient does a good research, the average value is $ 29.95 for the pack of 10 tablets of Cialis 10 mg and there is also the option to buy the generic Cialis, for a lower price.

It is important to emphasize that any type of medication to help sexual performance should never be used without a doctor’s prescription. Only then will the medicine help men return to the same performance and sexual pleasure that they used to have in their youth, thanks to a simple, small pill.

Read this to learn how Cialis can give you a firm long lasting erection!

Erectile dysfunction in South Africa in the 20th century was one of the main problems for men over 40. In the country, at that time there was no solution for this condition.

Cialis 20mg Price South Africa
How To Order Cialis 40 Mg Johannesburg Online

In the 21st century, Cialis appears in all world markets, especially in South Africa, as an effective solution for the treatment of ED in men of any age at a low cost. The fame of this wonder drug started to grow as more male patients used it.

Do I Need A Prescription For Cialis South Africa
Generic Cialis Online in South Africa

What is the component of Cialis that makes it such an effective drug?

The main component is Tadalafil, manufactured by Eli Lilly South Africa Pty. Ltd (founded in 1960). This component is one of the most powerful in the market for the treatment of ED. Tadalafil has an effect on the blood vessels of the penis. The blood vessels dilate and that makes the blood flow faster for longer erection time.

How powerful is the effect of Cialis?

The company that manufactures Cialis in South Africa and other parts of the world, has focused on the Cialis having a long lasting effect. According to the instructions of this drug for ED, the effect on man can last up to 36 hours with a single 20mg tablet. The best dose for the more powerful effect is the 40mg tablet.

What kind of people can take Cialis?

Cialis is sold mostly for men between 40 and 65 years. But in general any man with sexual maturity can buy this drug. The main objective is to treat ED, but Cialis also works to improve men’s sexual performance. Using Cialis on daily basis can help the patient to avoid depression caused by ED.

Where can you buy Cialis online in South Africa?

Cialis is available in several online shops on the internet. But it is advisable to check what kind of supplier is the store. Some stores sell counterfeit drugs and these can cause severe damage to men’s health. But, here we have a list of the best online shops, prices and quantities available to buy Cialis:

  • This store is well known in South Africa. The 20mg dose is available for AU $ 2.65 per pill for purchases of 120 pills with free airmail shipping. The cheapest option in this store is 20 pills for AU $ 77.98 (3.90 per pill). The 40mg option is also available.
  • This is the second option to buy Cialis online in South Africa. It is a store with slightly more expensive prices, but just as reliable as the other store. only sells 20mg per dose. The cheapest option is 10 pills for AU $ 76.99, and the best offer is 90 pills for AU $ 412.94 (4.59 per pill).

All stores accept credit cards such as visa, mastercard and dinners. Money transfers are available. Shipments are made by South Africa Post Office, EMS, POS Singapore and New Zealand Post. Some orders are shipped outside the country.

Is it bad to take Cialis daily?

It is not bad, but it is not the best way to consume this powerful drug for the treatment of ED. Doctors recommend a dose of 20mg for new patients, and up to 40mg for men with more severe ED problems. Some known side effects are caused by not eating before using Cialis: Dizziness, vomiting, stomach pain, headache, dry mouth, cramps.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Viagara (Sildenafil Citrate) For Erectile Dysfunction